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Rotary Phase Converters – Why they are Commonly Used

In recent times, rotary phase converters has greatly increased in demand in commercial and also industrial use. This is a result of the manufacturing of additional three-phase equipment as well as machinery, and because this type of power source are usually unavailable in the countryside or else in households. The dimension of these machines is a factor as well. Most heavy equipment or machineries are already designed run on three phase power. In addition to this, three phase motors are much cheaper as opposed to their single phase counterparts.

There is a machine that is able to convert single phase electric power into three phase electric power, this machine is known as an RPC or rotary phase converter. What this means is that you are now capable of running three different loads using a single generator. This will also give you the ability to run three phase loads on a single-phase electric power. Phase converters are useful machines that provide power solutions to various equipment power needs and a whole lot of other tasks.

People tend to favor three phase motors as opposed to their single phase counterparts as they are much more reliable, common, and ultimately less expensive. Three phase motors have a better starting capability and are able to run much more efficiently. These characteristics of a three phase motor are also the reason why these motors last much longer than their other iterations.

Despite an area having a three phase power source, a lot of industries and commercial establishments still opt for a converter because of the unreliable and unpredictable nature of the source. Perhaps this is due to this type of power having a high demand. Industries and commercial establishments use rotary phase converters to protect their heavy equipment and machineries by having the RPC converter produce a continuous supply of three phase electric power. Whether or not the power source is fluctuating, an RPC will always provide a stable stream of three phase power.

With the reasons stated above put aside, rotary phase converters are ideal because they are user friendly, meaning they are simple to use. There isn’t any need for changing your switchboards, RPCs can be installed directly and in a shorter amount of time. RPCs can easily be installed and can be up and running in just a couple of hours. You can also take your RPC anywhere you need three phase power to run your equipment as these pieces of technology are portable. You don’t have to worry a bit about the kind of power source they have in an area.
In summary, rotary phase converters are highly economical and reliable and are truly a great solution for various three phase power needs. These are mainly the reasons why RPCs are being utilized by commercial establishments and industries alike.

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